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Welcome to the start page of Old Guard Kennels, we hope you have a good online experience checking out the content. We are breeding and promoting the East German Shepherd Dog, as we believe this type is closest to what we like to call, the old type of dog. We are located in Constanta by the Black Sea coast, south east Romania.

The German Shepherd dog breed has known waves after waves of change throughout the years, mostly on the negative side, from our perspective. Personal ambitions and club politics have gradually taken the breed to extremes, high prey drive and looks are perhaps the ones to point out as being top ones, very smoothly minimizing the importance of genetic pool. As a result, we nowadays have mixtures of (mainly) East / West German lines and Czech (former CS) lines. While outstanding individuals may pop in places, most of the resulted dogs are perhaps mediocre when it comes to temperament qualities, especially when compared to the dogs of past years. High points in the Sport have replaced the "high points" gained in real life and though some may argue on it, the very term "real" has found its place in the online communities.

I (Dani) have had the priviledge to be surrounded by great dogs in the 80's and 90's and THAT is what ultimately gave me the blessing of being able to see things what they are. In other words, I can compare what I used to see back in the days, to what I see nowadays. To my frustration, by the time I took note of what was happening with and to the breed, things were already far and I could not reverse time, no matter how much I wished for it. So I have too started to look into the working lines, at first the CZ ones and eventually LSZS lines. The dogs were simply different to those I once knew. The LSZS was somewhat smaller or thinner (though not necesarily lighter) and was faster. The CZ type was closer to the old type but unfortunatelly "excelled" in health problems.

In 2004 I had the unique honor of meeting John LaTorre (vom ostschutz Kennels) in a back then rather large online community and I quickly learned this man had the old type blood/dogs in his posession. So my new aim was to locate and potentially benefit from dogs of the old lines.

To date we have four dogs, two males and two females and I findmyself not adopting the "modern breeder" aproach any longer but rather protector of these dogs. While many would see "just a dog", I see history and value in these DDR's.